importance of preventive care

The Importance of Preventive Care

While nearly everyone is familiar with the saying “eating an apple a day keeps the doctor away,” the significance of the message may be underestimated. Research continues to show the importance of preventive care for healthy adults. A healthful diet coupled with regular exercise and routine check-ups can significantly lower the chances of developing certain […]

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learn to ski and snowboard

Learn to Ski and Snowboard in New York

Start the year active by spending more time outdoors. January is the perfect time to learn a new winter sport or improve the skills you already have. The national initiative Learn to Ski and Snowboard encourages individuals to learn how to ski and/or snowboard by taking lessons from a professional instructor. NYS governor Andrew Cuomo, along […]

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Healthy living on a budget

6 Tips for Healthy Living on a Budget

Healthy living takes planning, mindfulness, and sometimes additional expenses. We know that not everyone has the luxury to spend money on preventive care, gym memberships, and nutritious food items. Therefore, we made a list of six habits and items that can help you achieve healthy living on a budget. 1. Take Daily Walks Believe it or […]

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2015 dates to remember

2015 Dates to Remember

Throughout the year, Apicha Community Health Center supports various campaigns that raise awareness for health, LGBT, and general wellness. While national awareness days, weeks, and months engage the public in important health information, the official dates are not as important as the purpose and content of the actual health issues. You can find some important […]

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Community Health Center

Q&A with Susanne Rendeiro, Nurse Practitioner

Susanne Rendeiro provides primary care and specializes in Family Practice and HIV/AIDS. She holds a Master of Science (Nursing) from Pace University Family Nurse Practitioner Program and a Bachelor of Science (Nursing) from Rutgers University, College of Nursing. 1. How long have you been working in the medical profession? I graduated from Rutgers University College […]

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