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eat healthy

Reducing Risky Behaviors: Six Tips to Eat Healthy

It’s inevitable; at some point in the day, everyone gets hungry. No matter who you are you have to eat.   Because of this truth, eating isn’t inherently a dangerous behavior in the same way smoking is.   However, we live in a world that’s full of convenient, cheap, and (let’s be honest) delicious food that’s bad […]

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activist Christopher Lee

Apicha and the Arts: Activist Christopher Lee

Apicha Community Health Center is excited to announce an upcoming series where we team up with LGBT art/culture organizations to create special events tailored for New York City’s LGBT communities, people living with HIV/AIDS, and people of color. At these events we will enjoy the work created by our communities and learn about new ways […]

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lgbt summer events

The Guide to LGBT Summer Events in NYC

There are many LGBT summer events happening across the wide state of New York, and unless you know where to look, it can be tough to keep track of when and where all these events will be. We’ve compiled all the events we could find for the summer (July-October 2015) into an easily accessible guide […]

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how to quit smoking

Reducing Risky Behavior: 8 Tips for How to Quit Smoking

Everybody does things that are bad for their health. These risky behaviors might include personal vices like eating fattening food, having sex in such a way that increases the chance of getting STIs or HIV/AIDS, or even smoking. Nearly everyone’s life involves risky behaviors, Apicha Community Health Center is introducing blog series listing ways of reducing risky behaviors. This […]

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Excercise Tips

5 On-the-go Exercise Tips for Busy New Yorkers

Life is hectic, with everybody struggling to balance work, family, friends, and responsibilities. But your health should always be your number one priority, even when the time isn’t there. Here are 5 on-the-go exercise tips for when you don’t have time for full hours-long workouts, but need to fit in some quick exercise. These tips […]

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