A Trusted Resource for LGBT Health

A Trusted Resource for LGBT Health

LGBT health resources

Source: healthit.gov

While apicha community health center strives to be a continuing resource for LGBT health, there are many other helpful tools available.

The CDC, or Center for Disease Control and Prevention, is not only a great general health resource but also an amazing knowledge hub for the LGBT community.


A Summary of Their Resources

  • Extensive subpages: the CDC takes a comprehensive approach to their information and has pages tailored for all subsets of the LGBT community including our youth
  • Compiled newsfeed: lists interesting and prevalent articles relevant to the LGBT community
  • Testing site locator: this locator is integrated into their homepage and allows you to search for HIV/STD testing facilities based on zip code
  • Studies and stats: the CDC has a variety of statistics about HIV/STD rates, mental health topics, and other pertinent health issues
  • 3rd party resources: in addition to their own sponsored content, the CDC features links to other reputable resources such as the American Psychiatric Association, The Institute of Medicine, the Fenway Institute and more

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But Wait, There’s More!

In addition to their LGBT-specific resources, the CDC is an all around great health and wellness resource. They cover virtually any health topic you can imagine including an extensive tab on all travel-related health issues.

So take a visit to the CDC and discover the ways it can enlighten, educate, and inspire you!