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welcome to apicha community health center

Your health and well-being is important. Apicha Community Health Center’s mission is to provide affordable community health care for underserved or ‘otherized’ people living in the New York City boroughs and on the lower east side of Manhattan.

One of the ways we do this is by never turning anyone away based on their ability to pay. We offer sliding scale payments options to make sure everyone can receive quality healthcare, on their budget.

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how to reach us
apicha community health center

toll free: (866) 274 – 2429
 400 Broadway New York, NY 10013  –  find us


medical services

ph: (212) 334-6029
fx: (212) 334-7957

after hours

ph: (212) 334-6029


ph: (212) 334-7940
fx: (212) 334-7956


Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays:
9:00 am — 5:30 pm
Wednesday, and Thursdays:
9:00 am — 7:00 pm


星期一,星期二, 和星期五:
上午9:00 – 下午5:30
星期三 和 星期四:
上午9:00 – 下午7:00

ph: (212) 334-6029


Lunes, Martes y Viernes:
9:00 am — 5:30 pm
Miércoles y Jueves:
9:00 am — 7:00 pm

Fuera de horas:
ph: (212) 334-6029

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